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Microwave Subsystems  
Wenteq Microwave helped to create innovative RF and Microwave subsystems, built to customer specifications, and Wenteq Microwave supports all our designs through their entire product lifecycle. Being able to draw from our large library of RF building block designs to create new custom versions, as well as the use of sophisticated circuit simulation tools and rapid prototyping allows us to respond quickly to the most demanding requirements.

Some recent developments of Wenteq Microwave include:
  • RF Microwave up converters and down converters for VHF, UHF, L, S, C, X, Ku-Band
  • Baseband to IF, up converters and down converters for 70/140/160 MHz
  • IQ modulators and IQ demodulators
  • Power amplifiers L, S, C, X, Ku-Band
  • Low noise amplifiers for a wide range of frequencies
  • Local oscillators and synthesizers including DDS
  • Surveillance products, including cellular jammers
  • Cellular repeaters
  • Range of calibrated transmitters and receivers for various cellular bands
  • X and Ka-Band transponders
  • Ka-Band Doppler radar


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