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SMA stands for Sub-Miniature Type-A. SMA connectors provide an economic solution for RF and microwave inter-connection up to 18GHz. It is a dielectrically loaded, sexed connectors for applications where connections are made only a few times, i.e., less than 500 times. The SMA connectors are compatible with 3.5mm and 2.92mm connectors.

Wenteq Microwave Corporation offers full lines of high quality SMA connectors and RPSMA connectors including these for semi-rigid and semi-flexible cables, flexible cables, printed circuit board and surface mount connectors, flange mount connectors, bulkhead connectors and in-series adapters. Please download out SMA Connector Datasheet and RPSMA Connector Datashet in PDF format to select the connectors that best suit your application, or send us e-mail to sales@wenteq.com and wenteq@yahoo.com for any questions or request a copy of our price list for these connectors.

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